Monday, January 20, 2014

16th Birthday

Long time no The months of November/December were so crazy for us, I cant believed all that happened in the last two months.

In the beginning of November (after months of rehearsal) we did Aladdin Junior over at Theater Winter Haven. Delaney was cast as a narrator and I worked back stage! It was such a fun show and we were so sad when it ended.
Cast photo! I am on the far right at the bottom row (all black), and delaney is 5th in from the right in the top row.

Following that we had Thanksgiving and a Hanukkah party at our house! I have no pictures of that...sorry :-)

Then my birthday was December 20th! We had my party on the 21st, and it was the best. It was a masquerade part, where all of the guests wore masks and we had a murder mystery game throughout the night. 

 Haha, I love this one so much!

 So many secrets!

 Haha, Atalya was one of the biggest detectives! I love this photo :-)
End of the night with the ross girls! Had so much fun :-)

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Sing to יהוה a new song, sing to יהוה, all the earth! Sing to יהוה, bless His Name, Proclaim His deliverance from day to day. Declare His esteem among the nations.

Psalms 96:1-3