Monday, January 20, 2014

16th Birthday

Long time no The months of November/December were so crazy for us, I cant believed all that happened in the last two months.

In the beginning of November (after months of rehearsal) we did Aladdin Junior over at Theater Winter Haven. Delaney was cast as a narrator and I worked back stage! It was such a fun show and we were so sad when it ended.
Cast photo! I am on the far right at the bottom row (all black), and delaney is 5th in from the right in the top row.

Following that we had Thanksgiving and a Hanukkah party at our house! I have no pictures of that...sorry :-)

Then my birthday was December 20th! We had my party on the 21st, and it was the best. It was a masquerade part, where all of the guests wore masks and we had a murder mystery game throughout the night. 

 Haha, I love this one so much!

 So many secrets!

 Haha, Atalya was one of the biggest detectives! I love this photo :-)
End of the night with the ross girls! Had so much fun :-)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Needtobreathe Concert

We went to another Needtobreathe concert in Ocala this past weekend, as always they were awesome :-)

Paul, Sherry, Josiah, Tammy, and Delany waiting for the concert to start! :-)

Friday, August 9, 2013


Now, I know I have shown you pictures of the golf course that I live on before...but nothing is cooler (in my personal opinion) than a panorama :-)

{Click to enlarge}

Monday, August 5, 2013

Thrifty Threads: Maxi skirt two ways

So I went to Ross yesterday.....

First way!

And the second way....


Skirt: 10.99 at Ross
Blue Graphic shirt: 7.99 at Ross
Black shirt: $$ thrift shop
White Jacket: 25.00 at Old Navy

Sorry its been forever since I have posted one of these, I am hoping to get one of Delany (photos courtesy of) up here soon. 
Leave a comment and tell me which one you like better :-)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Week

This past week has been super hot, with very little rain! Tuesday we went to the pool and then had Chinese food (the twins had McDonald's). Us girlies, looking very attractive of course ;P

After playing in the pool with them all day, Delany is the girls new favorite :)

Yesterday we had tacos at a local place, then snow cones! Blue tongues, lol that's just great ;P

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July Recap

Howdy do! Here is a little of my July in a mix of phone and camera pictures :)

4th of July was fun! Our family went to the nearby park, walked around eating fish and chips, listening to live music, and watching fireworks :-) Haines city may be small, but it has awesome fireworks! Here is a pic of me in the parking lot next to my dream charger.

About two weeks ago the four of us went over to downtown Disney and watched the Lone was awesome! Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer played Tonto and the Lone Ranger, and it was a great mix of action and comedy :-)

This weekend was a girls beach weekend! Our family met the Ross girls at Flagler beach, and we had a blast.
Delany, Olivia, Atalya, Tammy, Eliana
 The view from our hotel room was awesome! Right across the street was the ocean, and it was amazing hearing the waves while we were sleeping :-)

The heated pool was wonderful after a couple of hours of swimming in the cold ocean and fighting the waves :-)
Eliana, Delany, Atalya
Chilling in the hotel room watching a movie....
Eliana and Delany

Atalya, Eliana, Delany, Olivia, Tammy

Last day! Its never fun to say goodbye :(

Hope you all had a good July!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey guys! So I have been at summer camp for the last three weeks of June, that why I have been...gone. Lol, okay so I went to theater camp....and it was AMAZING! I loved it so much I didn't want to leave, but there are other plays that I can audition for, so that makes me happy :-) The whole camp was about learning the auditioning process, casting, blocking, acting, singing, dancing, and fun. At the end of the three weeks we put on a full performance of Bugsy Malone, a 1920's mob show! Super cool :-) We performed it three times to a nearly full house, but I think every cast member would agree that it wasn't enough. It was so sad saying goodbye, we had become like a family over those three weeks! Go to theater winter haven's facebook page for photos!

I got some lovely flowers from the friends and family that came to watch us perform.

After camp I pretty much jumped right back into some summer classes that I had to finish up. Only about four more weeks until I start my Sophomore year of high school, and I will also be duel enrolling this year.  One week after camp a group of cast member met up at the bowling alley and had a fun time :-)
Me and my friend Stefanie! :)

Alright, well I will be back before long! 'Later ;-)

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