Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just to cute.

We were at dance the other night and one of the ladies has a really cute baby:-) Here is a picture of momma feeding him:-).

Musical Endeavours I love music! A couple years ago (I was 7 or 8)  I wanted to learn to play the guitar, I purchased a guitar from Toys R' Us....... And it was exactly that, a toy. It didnt stay tuned and also didnt sound great and I, being 8, was easily discouraged. I dropped it after a couple weeks....... Well, now I really, really, want to learn to play it! A couple weeks before I got my guitar my dad got one for himself because he wanted to have something to do in his free time after work......... I loved it! So he got me one and now I am learning, and loving it....... Here is a picture of my guitar.

New laptop!

I am so excited because............ I now have my new laptop!! Yea! I love it, :-) Here is a picture.

My new laptop!

Sewing Class: Emma and Sarah

Good day! Here are pictures of my most recent sewing class.......Emma age 11 and Sarah and 8. This was there first sewing project, and the both has sew much fun! (Sew did I, haha)... Enjoy.
Sarah and Emma, with their beautiful bags! Wonderful job!

Sewing Class: Chloe and Claire

  Well, we are having a wonderfull summer, and keeping busy! So busy that I havent posted since before Shavuot! Yikes :-)
  I have had a wonderful response to the sewing classes and I have my laptop now! Yeah :-) I would like you to meet Chloe and Claire, two sisters who recently took my class......  Neither of them had ever sewn before, and they did a wonderful job! Do you agree?

Chloe sewing.

Claire sewing.

Chloe and Claire with their adorible reversable totes! Great job girls!
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Psalms 96:1-3