Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marlee's Visit

    Wow! The past three weeks have been really, really busy for us! I haven't posted in forever, so this is what we have been doing!!!!
    Three weeks ago our friend Marlee was in town for a few days and came to visit us....... We met them at the bowling alley and enjoyed a couple very fun, and crazy, games. I am not going to post any pictures of that because, its kind of embarrassing, Haha! So after bowling we brought Marlee back to our house and we ate dinner, watched a movie (Ice age 3, so funny!), and stayed up late talking :-) We also had a ton of fun the next day, here are some pictures!

At the Bowling Alley!
The next morning, attempting to use the melon baller :-)

How are we supposed to do this??

Delany, Marlee, Tammy

Our beautiful creation! Ha.

And the sticky mess :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy......can I post a pic of you guys and Marlee acting crazy?! LOL! I would never do that;0)
love ya!

Tammy Glass said...

Haha, I didnt know you had one but now I remember :-)

Anonymous said...

HAHA! lol I have ALL of them! lol!

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