Saturday, April 27, 2013

Long-Time-No-Post/Spring Break

Hello! Wow, its been a while huh? I thought I was going to get updated on posting during spring break, but we ended up taking a last minute trip to our friends the Rosses.

 They just moved to the coolest house with this old, falling down barn/house in the pasture next to it.
 The neighbor's dog, I think his name was Boo? He was pretty cute. 
 You gotta love those serious goofy photos...haha, not sure what Delany's face is.

 DONKEY'S!!!!! They were the cutest thing ever :-)
 And the cows, especially the cute. 
 I am not a chicken, but the adult cows did freak me out a little bit, especially when you showed them treats, and especially if it was that ^ guy. I mean look at his face? 
 The rosses cat buddy! 
Tire swings are super fun! That me and Eliana :-)

Coming Soon!
The twins just tested for their yellow belts in Taekwondo, and I have a million pictures to show you! Seriously though, I think I took about 200 pictures in an hour....:-) 

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