Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shavuot Dresses

Good afternoon to you! A week ago we went to Georgia to visit some friends for Shavuot. While we were there we went with them to a congregation that they attend for a Shavuot celebration. My sister and I thought that it would be fun to make dresses for the occasion so, here they are! (Delany made two and had a hard time deciding which one to wear :-) )


Anonymous said...

Oh, they're so pretty! I would love to wear those types of dresses!
-Paris, France

Anonymous said...

They are lovely:) I am glad that you had a good time there!


Miss talking to you Paris:(

Anonymous said...

Um, Paris, France.....who ae you?

Karalia Brady said...

Those are so pretty! I want to make and wear dresses like that all the time!


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Psalms 96:1-3