Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sewing Class: Chloe and Claire

  Well, we are having a wonderfull summer, and keeping busy! So busy that I havent posted since before Shavuot! Yikes :-)
  I have had a wonderful response to the sewing classes and I have my laptop now! Yeah :-) I would like you to meet Chloe and Claire, two sisters who recently took my class......  Neither of them had ever sewn before, and they did a wonderful job! Do you agree?

Chloe sewing.

Claire sewing.

Chloe and Claire with their adorible reversable totes! Great job girls!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! They did a GREAT job;0)
and part of the credit goes to their wonderful teacher too;0)

Tammy Glass said...

Thank you my dear friend :-)

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