Sunday, July 24, 2011

Musical Endeavours I love music! A couple years ago (I was 7 or 8)  I wanted to learn to play the guitar, I purchased a guitar from Toys R' Us....... And it was exactly that, a toy. It didnt stay tuned and also didnt sound great and I, being 8, was easily discouraged. I dropped it after a couple weeks....... Well, now I really, really, want to learn to play it! A couple weeks before I got my guitar my dad got one for himself because he wanted to have something to do in his free time after work......... I loved it! So he got me one and now I am learning, and loving it....... Here is a picture of my guitar.


Anonymous said...

That is great Tammy! I am glad that you (FINALLY)get to do what you love:oD It is lovely BTW.............LOVE your comfortor where did you get it?
love ya!

Tammy Glass said...

Thanks:-) I got my bed set at Target, it cam with sheets, comfortor, 1 pillowcase, and a sham thing:-)

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