Monday, September 26, 2011

{Soap making}

{Soap making-trial and error}
    Wow, it has taken me a while to post these! For the past two days I have had problems with my Internet connection, so that was a set back. School has also kept be pretty busy, and sewing my costume for the Folk Festival *coming soon*. Finally I found time so I am posting all that I can..
    About two weeks ago Mamma's friends Mary and Michelle came over so they could all make soap together! It was really fun to watch because I have never made soap before. Did it turn out well? Well, um, not really.

                                                                       {Round 1}
{Delany measuring out the Coconut Oil}
{Measuring out the Lye in full safety gear}

{I guess you could say that the soap making didn't really work the first time.
The soap wasn't tracing, and then it finally started to! We poured in the essential oils
and then it got all weird and gelly. Hmmm.}

                                                                         {Round 2}

 Round 2 soap making went very smooth and the soap turned out great!
{Delany cutting the soap into bars}
{The bar of soap right out of the mold}
{Tammy cutting the bar of soap}

{Ready to use bars of coconut oil soap! They are not perfect but it works really awesome!}

                                   Sorry about some of the pictures being out of order but sometimes blogger does whatever it wants! Till next time...............................


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