Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tutorial: Stain Removal

This tutorial is how to remove berry juice stains from clothing.

Today I was walking around the house when I noticed, much to my horror, that I had a huge stain on my brand new Kohl's shirt. Needless to say, I sorta flipped out. I tried a couple different stain removals including:

I wast sure what the stain was, so I tried DAWN for grease, Grandma's spot remover, and our homemade coconut oil soap. Nothing worked! I finally realised that it was cherry juice, so Momma went online and searched and found this great tip!

Supplies needed
Stained clothing
Cloth that I stained with (from top left to right) blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

Lemon Juice-OR


Step 1:
Thoroughly wet your fabric and gently scrub BOTH SIDES with soap.

Step 2:
Take a cap full of Lemon juice OR Vinegar and pour it over the stain, you may need to work it in a bit. If the stain does not immediately go away then repeat steps 1 and 2.

The end result!

So perhaps you are just a little bit curiouse how exactly I got a huge cherry juice stain on my brand knew shirt? Well, I was eating lunch and reading a really awesome book. I got to a really exciting point, and well, things went flying and the next thing I knew I had a stain! And for the record, I am not always this messy :-)

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