Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Daybook

Howdy hello!
Okay so, had a busy week and was way to exhausted to do this yesterday....and the week before I didnt get  around to it because my cousin and grandma were here!
Date...January 20th 2013
Starting Time...2:25 PM
Mood...tired :-)
Outside my window...65 and cloudy, really really nice!
I'm thinking...about the sweater I am crotcheting, hoping that I am doing it right :-)
I'm currently reading...I just finished the last book I was reading and haven't picked up a new one yet!
I'm listening to..."At the end of the day" from Les Miserables
I'm wearing...this outfit
I am looking forward later today, and bowling tomorrow night!
I'm hoping...that the weather gets cooler and stays for a while!
Yesterday (night), I...went to see Les Miserables for the second time at the AMC in Downtown Disney with Delany and some friends, then walked downtown with them. It was so fun! And Les Mis was amazing.
I'm hungry for...some rice maybe?
The song stuck inside my head is...Can you hear the people sing? from Les Mis. Amazing Song! and so catchy.
I love...Musicals, music, singing
I loathe...sitting in the very front row at a movie theater, but it was so worth it :-)
This week, my goal is...submit 4 assignments and get all A's
Did I meet last week's goal? goal last week was the same as this weeks, and I did meet that goal!
Pictures of the Week...A friends baby goats and one of her peacocks!

End time...2:54 PM

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Psalms 96:1-3