Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Morning Daybook

Date...February 2nd!
Starting time...11:59 PM, ha! its still morning
Mood...a little less zombie-ish that usual, probably because I only stayed up till 12
Outside my window...its really nice! Finally cooled down over here
I'm thinking...about getting my hair cut/styled....but I keep going back and forth...dont know
I'm currently reading...nothing, because I finished my book last night. It was one of those royal diaries by Katheryn Lasky about Elizabeth Tudor.
I'm listening to...Needtobreathe and Royal tailor :-)
I'm wearing...sweat pants and a tshirt
I am looking forward tomorrow with the fam
I'm hoping...that I can do a split soon
Yesterday I...did a bunch of school, spent two hours cleaning my room/the house, went grocery shopping in the afternoon with momma and got to drive my car!
I'm hungry for....I just drank three cups of coffee and ate a bunch of turkey sausage, so I am not really hungry. Although, a cup of apple cider and a bowl of chicken rice sounds way yummy.
The song stuck inside my head is...Dont stop believing by Journey
I love...waking up and smelling something amazing cooking
I loathe...the cmt music awards, watched it last night and was not impressed
This week my goal is...organize my room better
Did I meet last weeks goal?...Um, no. I did singing and hebrew only three days a week, and I didnt even work on my portfolio at all. I will try to order the pictures next week though!
Pictures of the week... delany doing a puzzle with one of the little girls at co-op
End time...1:26, I took a coffee break somewhere in there!
See you all later.

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Psalms 96:1-3