Friday, November 16, 2012

Co-op Pictures

Hey :-)
Okay, so this past Thursday was the last co-op until JANUARY! Did I mention that already? 6 weeks. According to one of the people that is 7 weeks too long, and I would have to agree...
Along with the last day, we also took photos.....this is just the "goofy" one that we took, so everybody is at their best! As soon as the others are posted on Facebook I will put them up here.

If you see anybody *cough* Will *cough* attempting to strangle anybody, don't worry. All is well. Way back row is highschoolers, so if you want to see me looking like a know where to look. And mingled in that row are a few middle schoolers, so if you want to see Delany looking crazy, haha than she is sitting next to me.

Betcha' wish you were there ;-)

And yes, that is a baby being held up in the air.

Leave a comment! Tootles.

P.S. I saved it wrong so the size is...diminished. I will work on that and try to get a bigger one up there!

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