Sunday, November 25, 2012

Needtobreathe Concert

On November 10th my dad took us to a Needtobreathe concert in Jacksonville for his birthday! 

What more can I say?
I was absolutely blown away by intensity of the sound. It was so loud. Not too loud though:-) 
The concert was at the Florida Theater, and it was their last U.S. concert before they went over to the UK again. 
The show started out with an appearance by Matthew Mayfield and Good Old War, and then Needtobreathe came onstage! 
Seriously though, if I even try to describe it, it will sound cheesy in comparison to the epicness of that night. 

Just about to leave for the 3 hour ride to Jacksonville.

Needtobreathe tour buses! 

The outside of Florida Theater, this place was so awesome.

Band poster!

The first song that they played was Devils Been Talkin', which was such a perfect song to open with!! After that they played White Fences, The Reckoning, Wanted Man, Keep Your Eyes Open, Cops, The Outsiders, Lay Em' Down, Girl Named Tennessee, Something Beautiful, Let Us Love, More Time, Washed By The Water, and Difference Maker. I am pretty sure that is everything, even though they aren't in the correct order! I was so excited that they played songs from 3 out of 4 of their albums. 
My dad also bought all of us Tee Shirts! They are so cool:-)
My favorite song of theirs would have to be Keep Your Eyes Open, so I will attache the video for y'all. 

Not surprisingly I chose the Keep Your Eyes Open t-shirt, Delany the A Place Only You Can Go, and my dad got the Young and Far From Home t-shirt from their 2010 tour. 
Hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving!

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IDance atHeart said...

Keep your eyes open is my favorite song of theirs as well!

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