Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sukkot///Where I've been

Hello there! Wow, its been forever.
Okay, so Sukkot in GA was absolutely amazin'. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, and the ones I did get were taken on my phone, so not great quality! But you will get the
Anywho...our group pretty much filled up the campground, which was awesome! Our good friends the Fuccis were there, as well as our grandparents, our friends the Hayes, Hodges, a bunch more. Onto pics...

Duffles, suitcases, and guitars :-) 

During our 9 hour drive we saw Brad Paisley's truck..

Jessica and Delany crocheting 

Mrs. Mary was teaching us all how to crochet these really cute hats (picture to come).

The rest of the party

Its getting there!

A game of risk I was watching.

A giant Greek salad we made for one of the pot lucks.

Me and Delany!

Our screen room XD

The beautiful woods behind our campsite!

Mr. Jo, Delany, Momma, and Blake playing a game of Five Crowns.

Pack up day for us, it was so hard to say goodbye.....Delany, Kari, Jessica, Tammy and Annie the dog.
There were a lot of activities that I didn't get pictures of, like the Torah study, music, football games between the campsites (XD), dancing, and the huge pot lucks that we had! Sometimes you just have to choose between taking pictures or participating, lol.
After we got home it took me about a week to get back into a semi-normal schedule :-). Since then I have been busy with co-op, school, sewing, and everything in between. I have missed blogging though! I am going to do a couple posts this week, and hopefully be back into my normal schedule next week. Have a great rest of the day!

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