Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saterday Morning Daybook

My friend Jo from Scraps from My Workbasket ( has been doing the saterday morning daybook for about as long as I have known her, and I am just now deciding to join in! So here we go :-)
Date... December 1, 2012
Starting time... 2:38 PM, It is Saterday so this still counts as morning ;-)
Outside my window...slightly cloudy, cool, and a bit windy
I'm thinking...about the new song I am learning on the guitar
I'm currently reading... nothing currently, which is surprising
I'm listening to...Keep Your Eyes Open by Needtobreathe
I'm wearing...Pajamas ;-)
I'm looking forward to...Our get-together with our friends, my camera lens arriving next week, my birthday, getting my permit the day after my birthday! *the 20th is the big day*
I'm hoping... that I do well on my end of semester biology exam on thursday!
Yesterday, I...finished World History till January!, cleaned my room, played guitar, etc.
I'm hungry for...left over turkey-meatball soup that is waiting on the stove.
The song stuck inside my head is...Something about "I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you"....don't who sings it. 
I brand new Nikon D7000, get ready for lots of posts! 
I loathe...Mayo. 
This week, my goal for exam, take exam, get A in my class, and finish the pajamas I was hired to make!
Did I meet last week's goal?...I don't remember specifically what my goal was last week so, yeah...
Picture(s) of the Week... 1.My new buddy:-) 2. Mermaid curls! (tutorial I used here:

End Time.....2:59PM
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Sing to יהוה a new song, sing to יהוה, all the earth! Sing to יהוה, bless His Name, Proclaim His deliverance from day to day. Declare His esteem among the nations.

Psalms 96:1-3