Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best kept secret! and 100th Blog post

This post is exciting for me.
Not only am I about to announce one of the best kept secrets, but it's also my....

100th Blog Post!

Its been an exciting 100 posts, and Through the Looking Glass has come a long way since that first post a little over a year ago. I hope it has been as fun for you as it has been for me :-)

Moving on!

So, whats the best kept secret? Henna Hair Dye! I am sure you have heard about it, but what do you really, truly know about it?

How it started
My friend Lauren over at green tea did a blog post about henna, because she dyed her hair an awesome red with it. I loved it so much, I dyed my hair not long after!

My mom has been wanting to dye her hair to cover her grays, but she had three main concerns.

1. Chemicals
Traditional hair dyes are loaded with chemicals that damage your hair and soak into your scalp.

2. The "Skunk Look"
If you go with the permanent hair dyes, once your hair starts growing out, you start to get what we call the "skunk look". Not pretty.

3. Cost
My mom has thick hair that is pretty long, and having to keep up with dyeing your hair (to avoid skunk look) can get expensive!

How is Henna Different?

1. 100% organic, 100% natural!
That's right, henna is actually a plant.

2. Fades after 4-6 weeks.
If you go with a brown Henna, it fades. No Skunk! (does not apply to Red Henna, or Black Henna)

3. It's cheap
It cost $5 to dye her hair.

I think its time for some Before/After photos!





What about other natural hair dyes?
We had heard of other natural hair dyes before, like Black Tea and Sage spray. But that was a nightmare, and a complete mess!

More Awesome stuff about Henna
It looks completely Natural! Not every piece of hair comes out the exact same color, so it looks really natural with high lights. As you will notice in the pictures, most of the hair was dyed light brown, but some of the grays are a blond color. How cool is that?

Where we got it
I ordered my Henna from Bulk Herbs,

 Momma got hers from Vita Cost

NOTE: Henna is actually only Red. Indigo is Black "Henna" and Brown "Henna" is a mixture of Lawsonia inermis (red henna), indigofereae (black henna) cassia obovata (neutral henna). The term "Henna" is applied to help people understand it more. All of the above ingredients are 100% Natural and organic.

I am sure the next 100 posts will be just as fun as the last!

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