Saturday, September 8, 2012

Candle Give-away

Lauren over at A Glimpse Into Our Life ( is hosting a giveaway! You dont want to miss out on this:

"Shalom friends & family,

I am excited to announce our first blog give-away! I need to drum up some traffic for my website, Naturally Crafted Candles, and I am offering some free candles to those who will help! :-)

I have TWO pairs of 8" 100% Beeswax Taper candles to give away to TWO winners (one pair to each winner). All entries MUST be entered by Midnight, September 23, 2012 and they will be added to the "hat" on September 24, 2012, with the winners being announced on this blog on the 24th. Be sure to check back in that evening to see if you have won! All you need to do is:

1) Comment on this post that you would like to enter AND
2) Do AT LEAST one of the following options (for every option that you do, add it to your comment at the end of this post (and a link to the page that you posted/linked on) and you will be given another entry into the drawing):
1) Copy and paste this post into your blog, linking back here for others to join.
2) Add a (text) link to your blog or website.
3) Add a (photo) link to your blog or website.
4) Subscribe to the Naturally Crafted Candles e-mail list.
5) Follow this blog.
6) Subscribe to follow this blog by e-mail.
7) Announce this give-away on Facebook or Twitter linking back here for others to join.
8) If you have used any of my products, review them on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and/or my website, along with linking into my website.
If you are already a follower or e-mail subscriber (or both!), let me know in your comment and that will count for more entries, as well.
The link to my website is: .

Also, while we are on the topic of my website, I have added two more products! Candle Making Kits and Hanukkah Candle Sets are my newest additions, with Votive candles on the way! All of my products are crafted with pure beeswax and cotton wicks, ensuring that the beauty of candles can stay in your home without having to worry about the dangerous toxins in paraffin being emitted into the air. Visit my website to learn more and view the products that I have to offer!

Blessings to you all,


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