Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Park Day

Listening to My Wish by Rascal Flatts.
Picking up our little friends Tessa and Georgia (a.k.a. the twins) three days a week from school is fun. I mean, maybe its just experiencing something new, but I think its just that these girls are so stinkin' awesome. Yeah. So some days after we pick them up we go to the park, here are some photos from last week's park/library day.

We are all avid readers, which means we either walk out of the library with a stack books so tall that we cant see over it, or we go there once a week. Sometimes both. This photo depicts Tessa and Georgia playing on the computers while the rest of us are hunting for books.

 Tess and Georgia
Don't they look so cute in their uniforms? 
It is really hard to get there attention when they are doing something like this :-)

After the library we went to the park.
 Tessa is amazing on the monkey bars!
 Georgia "sleeping".
 Delany (sitting on a tiny train) with her new shoes from the Thrift Store.
 I think they are adorable. 
 Delany spinning, it was making me dizzy just watching.
Georgia way up at the top!

We just started going to a different park, so I will be sure to get pictures next time we go.
Whats new with me?
Well, co-op starts tomorrow (!!!!!) and the twins are spending the night! Also, my three year old mp3 player died this afternoon. It just froze up. I almost cried. That thing was my 12th birthday present, and it was hard living without it for 4 hours. Honestly. After we picked up the girls we went to Radio Shack and I bought a new one, and it is super awesome! We get home and the old "broken" one starts working again. Nice. 
But its okay, I was planning on getting a new one anyway, because that old touch screen was really starting to get to me. Now I have two. Haha, so that was my day! How was yours?

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