Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thrifty Threads: Two Ways

Lovely afternoon (evening?) to you all! Wow, its starting to getting dark our earlier here, and that is the first sign of fall. Another sign? 19 Kids and Counting begins again ! Whoohoo, tuning in tonight at 9. You?
Okay, today's Thrifty Threads is me wearing an outfit that I just put together, and am in love with. Black and pink are my favorite colors, especially when they are together. This outfit is also great because you can wear it two ways. The first way is a great going-to-the-park outfit, and the second....not sure. But its a bit more fancy so you could really wear it anywhere. 
Now I know what you are thinking, "You live in hot and sticky Florida and you wore an outfit like that to the park?". The answer is yes, I actually wore this to the park today. I have always been kind of an over dresser, I think it just has to do with being a girl, but in my eyes no occasion is too small to get dressed up for. If you aren't thinking that, you are probably thinking this outfit is maybe a little weird? Well, maybe just a little bit, but weird is the new awesome! I mean, who says converse, a shirt with rhinestones, and a 60's inspired hairdo don't make a great park-going outfit?
Moving on, here are some pictures!

First up we have my awesome guitar head shaped pin from Night of Joy, then my converse, my and Delany's  wrist bands from NoJ (we are never taking those things off), and me with my awesome new ring! Up close picture HERE

Here we have version 1. I really love wearing capri's under mini or short skirts. Oh, and that flower smelled gross :-)

Version 2! This is fun also :-)

Pink Shirt: $15 from Kohl's
Black Shirt: $1.50 from Thrift Store
White Tank top: Unknown
White Mini Skirt: $3 from Goodwill
Black pants: $4 from Thrift Store

What is Thrifty Threads?
Examples of Modest and Feminine outfits that express an assortment of styles.
Do you have an outfit that you want to share? Email us a picture and we will post it!
Requirements: please send photos directly in the email, attachments cannot be opened. Thank you!

Good evening to you all.

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