Sunday, September 9, 2012

Night of Joy

I bet you all are dying to now what I did this weekend that I mentioned in a previous post...:-)
Okay, so Thursday daddy drove down here from SC (where he is working), got here in the middle of the night, then on Friday night took us to......

Every year Magic Kingdom hosts some of the top christian artist for a live music festival. All of the bands were great, but the one we went to see was....

NEEDTOBREATHE, the best band ever! Wow, were they amazing.

They have four albums out, their first ever was released in 2006

second album The Heat in 2007

third album The Outsiders in 2009

and their newest album The Reckoning was released in 2011

They are definitely a must see live band!
They started out the night with their song Devils been talkin' and in the show included songs like Something Beautiful, Washed by the Water/Lay Em' Down, Girl Named Tennessee,The Reckoning and a never before heard song that they had written a few nights before titled Difference Maker, which was absolutely incredible! A wonderful mix of rock type music infused with a southern twang. Drums, acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, harmonicas, and a lead singer with an amazing voice make the most incredible mix. 

Though I could keep going on and on about them (do you want me to? I will!), there were other bands there to that you will want to hear about....

Chris Tomlin was there, and we got to hear him play Our God live! That was pretty neat. Casting Crowns was there, and that was really neat also.... There were other bands there like Red, Disciple, Royal Tailor, Francesca Battistelli (we caught the end of her), and Brandon Heath.

 Delany and I before the concert..

On our way to the concert it started to rain, but thankfully it didn't last long and we were able to stay dry (maybe a little damp)...

Delany and I waiting for the monorail, with curly hair! The FL humidity will do that to

Before the show we got something to eat, and this guy was playing the piano amazingly.

The stage that Needtobreathe played on was right in front of Cinderella's castle.

One of the coolest things about watching Needtobreathe play was, you could tell that they were having a blast. After a year of non-stop touring after The Reckoning was released (they have been touring since 1999) you would think someone would get tired of it, right? Wrong! It was so obvious that they love what they do :-)

Me, Daddy, and Delany. Momma was there, we just didn't get a picture!

Wow again. That was the most amazing night EVER. I had a blast, Delany had a blast, Momma and Daddy both love Needtobreathe now. :-)

Leaving (cries), standing by the Heroes/Villains sign :-)

I am just going to keep saying it, best night ever!

Did you have a good weekend?

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Psalms 96:1-3