Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

You are like me if:
-You aren't really sure what labor day is about
These are a couple definitions I pulled from the Internet.

1. A public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries on May 1.

2. Labor Day has come to be celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer. In high society, Labor Day is (or was) considered the last day of the year when it is fashionable to wear white or seersucker.

...or for some of us its just a day off of school (!)....:-)

Speaking of the end of summer! When we lived in North Carolina I was so excited when fall came around. The leaves started changing, the weather got cooler, the days got shorter and the nights got longer....fall in Florida is drastically different.
People say you can tell it’s fall in Florida when the colors start to change on the license plates. (Snow birds) Haha, there is no leaves changing here! You pretty much go from green to dead :-)
I will say though, the weather in November and December is just beautiful!
What did you do for Labor day?
I am totally not convinced about the "no white after labor day" thing....

Happy Labor day everybody! Enjoy your day off :-)

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